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Since our inception, eConsulting Partners Global, Inc (eCPGI) have been able to successfully help our clients transform their businesses with the implementation of a fully integrated enterprise solutions and by managing complex systems. We maintain partnerships with some of the leading infrastructure providers and enterprise software companies. These partnerships allow eCPGI to deliver superior and fully integrated solutions for our customers; solutions which are focused to satisfying needs throughout different stages of the organization.


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eCPGI provides an integrated package of business solutions, technology strategy, process optimization, and expertise in application development to assist our customers to fulfill their business aims. With specialization in Business Analytics, Oracle Applications, e-Commerce, associated managed services, and systems integration, eCPGI makes use of cutting edge tech solutions to provide new channels and products for our clients. We also create increased awareness of the performance metrics within an organization, to allow the ability to make some critical and real-time adjustments through the course of business operations.

Based out of Dallas, Texas, eCPGI has earned its reputation of being a trusted advisor and partner in the fields of technological and business innovation. We closely monitor trends that are associated with the digital transformation of businesses (including analytics, social, cloud, and mobile) and have now broadly converged into a single strategy, thus granting several industries the ability to face up to challenges of technological strategic thinking. At eCPGI we are able to recognize and detect these emerging market trends and challenges to develop products, services, and internal practices that are able to address them. Whether our business associates are confronted with containing cost initiatives, quicker time to market mandates, or driving ahead of competitors, we have just the right balance of talent, solutions, and products to help your business with some of the most pragmatic and innovative solutions.

We specialize in the enterprise-related implantation of applications, business intelligence, integration of systems, management of information, software engineering, assurance of quality, infrastructure solutions for cloud computing, and other associated managed services. We are passionately driven to develop strong bonds and trusted partnerships in which cutting edge technology and business solutions can flourish.

We are honored to have countless opportunities to deliver successful projects internationally since eCPGI was established. eCPGI’s primary focus is on the future; by intimately analyzing market trending technologies, it has been possible for us to stand out in the marketplace, especially in some key areas. These in particular are:

  • People
  • Process
  • Technology

We at eCPGI have a firm standard in cultivating and nurturing long trusted partnerships. It is this human element that is necessary to building a strong foundation of collaboration and trust. This also includes taking the time to know our valued customers, internal and external forces that may impact their strategic and operating models, their culture, process impacts, capability impacts, and the system impacts.

Our most important asset is our team of people. We are passionate about providing a healthy and encouraging environment to our employees to keep them satisfied, skilled, and engaged. They are the key to bringing a positive approach in serving our clients.

Strategic Alliances:
eCPGI has now developed key alliances with leading technology providers. We have cultivated and maintain these durable relationships to be able to deliver some really world-class and also fully integrated solutions.




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