eCPGI integrates systems and processes for organizations allowing for flexibility, agility, and scalability. We enable the flow of the information between each application, department, and enterpris. eIntegration solutions are designed to reduce complexity, increase automation and improve reliability. We thrive to understand the customer’s business objectives to deliver achievable best value goals.

Project Experience

  • We strive to continuously improve to meet our customer expectations.
  • Along every step of our process, we foster an environment of open dialogue with our clients to optimize our ability to deliver, create, and power solutions.

Customer Experience

  • eCPGI has a satisfaction guaranteed track record.
  • Our customers benefit from our 24/7 Response Team that is available to address any issue.
  • Every customer is assigned an eCPGI Dedicated Customer Advocate (eDCA)
  • The eDCA is uniquely positioned to provide solutions and recommendations that best meets the customer needs and with the customers benefit being paramount.
  • The primary function of the eDCA is to ensure customer success.

Partner Experience

  • eCPGI is committed to our partners’ success.
  • We apply a solution-oriented approach to every situation, producing the best outcome for our partners
  • Our partnership experience is long-term focused to contribute to the achievement of our partners.
  • This approach allows all parties to emerge stronger and more resilient in the marketplace.