eConsulting Partners Global Inc. (eCPGI)’s Security Services Management (eSSM) helps organizations recover from large- scale computer security breaches while minimizing the impact of the cyber attack on the organization. We offer end-to-end incident management to remove the threat and re-secure the network, and digital forensics services to identify the actions and intent of the attacker, the scope of the intrusion, and the data compromised.  Because most cyber attacks require customized approaches, eCPGI has developed a comprehensive response to resolve immediate issues and put long-term solutions in place to address systemic problems. We also review preexisting platforms and databases; analyze the organization’s day-to-day operations, systems management and data usage; customize recommended software upgrades; and train employee on those upgrades.

eCPGI has used its specialized skills and technology to resolve some of the most sophisticated cyber attack scenarios, such as multiple attack groups working concurrently and independently in the same victim network, and attackers targeting multiple companies across a supply chain. We routinely secure large network environments by reviewing tens of thousands of systems for evidence of compromise within the first several weeks of an engagement. eCPGI conducts complex remediation in large networks and situations where all remediation activities could not occur simultaneously.

What sets eCPGI apart from other security consultants are its:

  • Technical and investigative skills developed over the course of hundreds of investigations.
  • Database of profiles of key attack groups including their tools, practices, and objectives.
  • A team devoted solely to reverse engineering malicious software and researching the latest attacks.
  • Proprietary tools that automate investigative tasks and evaluate network traffic, even across networks that contain hundreds of thousands of systems.
  • Advanced training in compliance through participation in government contracts
  • In-depth knowledge of McAfee software architecture and design.